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Do not Starve the work of the Canadian team development studio Klei Entertainment, known mostly for a series of Shank. This time, the creator of the game tempted addressed to players who like survival and exploration. Okraszono a whole lot of humor and numerous references to the Victorian era.
Do not Starve The action was set in the wilderness (randomly generated before each start of the game), to which the main character — Wilson — is fraudulently transferred by the cunning demon. Gentleman scientist must use all their expertise and skills to survive in this hostile world full of dangerous beasts, as well as find a way to return home.
The player has to help Wilson in his struggle with nature. The hero must include build a shelter, get food, ignite and sustain a fire, build tools, make your own clothes. In a word — to take care of everything, allowing it to survive in the surrounding, ghastly reality.
The reward for progress in the game are the new heroes, which can put a player. Each has a distinctive special abilities such as increased strength and fire resistance.
As in previous games studio Klei Entertainment, a strong emphasis was placed on the elements of comedy, which means, among other things the appearance of the characters and locations, but also various references to pop culture phenomena. Two-dimensional visuals the game is a cartoon styled with crisp, comic line.

Don’t Starve MultiPack