Backyard Monsters Hack v2.2

Backyard Monsters

Backyard Monsters Hack v2.2 [Shiny Adder]

Backyard Monsters Hack v2.2 this is Cheat Tool for facebook game: Backyard Monsters. It was created so that you can add to your account Shiny, of using this Backyard Monsters Hack you can do it absolutely free. No longer need to spend money or fill bids to get Shiny. Just download this Backyard Monsters Cheat Tool to get free unlimited Shiny. Through this currency you can visit the store and buy: Constructions, Resources, Speed-Ups, Combat, Decorations and instantly upgrade buildings. Create a powerful army and attacked the nearby village. Backyard Monsters Hack v2.2 was created so that once add as many Shiny that is available for purchase in the game, which makes the Backyard Monsters Cheat Tool is undetectable, so your game account is safe. Backyard Monsters Hack  is free, no installation required, just download it and use it. A description of how to do that is below. You can also see the video, which is shown as a work Backyard Monsters Hack Tool.
- Add unlimited Shiny
Backyard Monsters Hack
How to use:
1. Download Backyard Monsters Hack v2.2
2. Log in to your account on Facebook and start the game
3. Open Backyard Monsters Cheat tool
4. Enter your Facebook e-mail address and click Connect with Facebook
5. Select the amount of Shiny and click Start
6. Done. Enjoy!